Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization
Pulsed Light Sterilization
Sterilisation mit Pulsed Light



le 06.12.2016

Business France - French Innovation Corner - Gulfood Manufacturing

A very cost attractive cap sterilization’s solution using Pulsed light. Dedicated to the water market, an efficient solution to remove ozone on the low and medium speed bottling lines.

Innovation assets:

The overall very affordable price: including a low investment and reduced operating costs, meets manufacturers’ business constraints.

Using no water and no chemicals, our decontamination solution meets the industrial requirements in term of bactericidal effects, without the drawbacks of the chemical and the irradiation solutions.

The compactness of our unit makes it easy to integrated on existing line.

• With over 230 production lines equipped worldwide, the pulsed light technology is now recognized by the major equipment manufacturers and most famous food and beverage companies.

UAE market assets:

• Water is precious all around the world and even more in the UAE market. With one of the highest bottled water consumption per capita in the world and an evolution still on a high level, bottled water segment in the Emirati is a key market.

• In the Middle East, many beverage producers use ozone as disinfectant and also preservatives. In order to remove these treatments while maintaining food safety level it is necessary to improve the packaging hygiene.

• The Claranor Essential cap sterilizer, providing a high efficiency at a reduced cost offers to the water bottled manufacturers a valuable solution to reduce or remove ozone.

• A relevant economic process, using no water, no chemicals and low energy consumption.

Claranor Essential in 3 key ideas:
Cost attractive cap sterilizer using pulsed light technology
dedicated to bottled water market on low and medium speed lines.

Up to 3 log reduction on moulds
Low investment and low operating cost
Easy to operate Increased line efficiency, instant on/off (no warm-up time)


No water
No chemical


Less than 1 sqm footprint
Flat cap formats: from 28 mm to 50 mm
Low and medium speed line rates



More information:
Anthony HERENG, Sales Manager – contact:, tel.: 06 33 11 20 51
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