Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization
Pulsed Light Sterilization
Sterilisation mit Pulsed Light


THIMONNIER & CLARANOR: partners for an ULTRA CLEAN & CHEMICAL FREE packaging line !

le 15.02.2019

Thimonnier Strengthens Expertise in Soft Bag Packaging: SF102 Ultra Clean filling line with Claranor Pulsed Light

Modular, compact and adapted to high speeds
The SF102 is a screw filler for Cheer pack with a cap. The use of preformed pouch with filling by the stopper offers the producers a great flexibility:

  • position of the cap, shape and volume of the bag.

The SF102 is suitable for high speed lines: reaching up to 240 sachets per minute in 3 lines version.

ESL, thanks to pulsed light decontamination and sterile air conditioning
The ultra-clean SF102 allows the filling of fresh or pasteurized products.
Thanks to Claranor pulsed light decontamination of the spout and cap and sterile air conditioning, Thimonnier guarantees a clean filling. The compact and accessible packaging enclosure is optimized for cleaning while ensuring visual control. An effective solution to fight against the risks of contamination but also against the food waste generated by too short DLC.